FAQ Technology

Yes, all systems are appropriate for outdoor use. In fact, Inform is still the most widely used random-access player at outdoor sites all over the world.

We’ll help you select the appropriate technology based on your needs. If you wish to provide a rich multimedia tour that includes video footage, you will need Opus; if you would like to offer a self-guided or random-access program, you will need a digital platform such as the exSite or Inform. 

Headset players offer an immersive experience, and wands offer users more opportunities to interact with their surroundings. In general, men and younger visitors prefer headsets, and women prefer wands. Acoustiguide is the only audio & multimedia tour company that offers both types of equipment that can be used alone or in combination. 

Acoustiguide writers are specially trained in the art of Visual Description, which offers visitors with poor vision an enhanced sense of their physical environment. During the production process, we work with advocacy groups to test our work on site. Acoustiguide's proprietary equipment also has features to serve visually-impaired visitors, including easy-to-use control buttons, telephone-style keypads and raised dots identifying the number five.


All of our digital equipment feature:
Raised dots that indicate the number five on the keypad
Color-coded and shaped control buttons
Compatibility with hearing aid T-switch
Lightweight design with comfortable carrying strap
Telephone-style keypads with backlit buttons

Espro-Acoustiguide's Opus series of compact and robust screen-based players has been developed and designed specifically for on site interpretation of museums and visitor venues. The Opus series offers:


  • Dual-use design: dual-listening mode
  • Superb sound quality
  • Highest image quality
  • Expandable memory
  • Content delivery
  • Access for all
  • Remote triggering and synchronization