FAQ Overview

Audio/multimedia tours can help you:

  • Fulfill your educational mission.
  • Become accessible to new audiences.
  • Reach those who learn by seeing and hearing.
  • Create a value-added service.
  • Manage crowds.
  • Generate revenue.

Producing an audio tour is a collaborative process and we will need to work with you in many ways, including the following:

  • Resources: At the start of the creative process, we will need images of the objects to be included in the audio tour and copies of all planned catalogues and texts, if applicable to the project.
  • Your Time: Acoustiguide may need to spend time with representatives from your Education, Visitor Services, Curatorial, Facilities and Finance departments during production of your audio program and installation of equipment at your site.
  • Space: You will need to create areas for audio tour distribution, workspace for distribution staff, and storage of equipment and our custom packing materials.

Yes, call us to discuss any project that involves an audio and/or multimedia tour program.

Acoustiguide's creative team writes the majority of our clients’ scripts. Our writers are experienced in this medium, and our creative team works closely with the client’s staff from concept through final editing. In some instances, the client provides a script and relies on us for editing, production and transfer to digital audio format.

Please see our worldwide offices and representatives under Worldwide Offices, on this website. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us your contact details and inquiry under Contact Us and our representative will return you as soon as possible.

Acoustiguide is your partner in audio interpretation from concept to closing time.

  • We provide creative and production services.
  • We offer the widest range of audio tour technology.
  • We provide comprehensive on-site management.
  • We offer financing solutions.

We’ve produced audio programs for clients in 20 countries from the most prestigious museums, heritage and historical sites to popular tourist attractions and city walking tours, botanical gardens, art galleries, educational institutions and visitor centers. All can be found on our Client List on this website.

With more than 50 years of experience in the field and in the studio, no one has produced more audio tours or satisfied more visitors than Acoustiguide. We uphold the highest standards in creativity, technology and client services. When you choose Acoustiguide, you join a family with worldwide name recognition that's identified with quality programming.